Our sphagnum

The sphagnum of Madagascar, from swampy areas free of pollution, is a kind of moss with exceptional physico-chemical characteristics.

Its ability to absorb and retain water, its porosity, its antibacterial properties ... are some of the qualities that place Madagascar sphagnum at the forefront of modern horticulture techniques.

Known since antiquity, sphagnum is traditionally used to recreate the conditions of tropical wetlands necessary for the cultivation of orchids, certain delicate plants such as carnivorous plants, or even for terrariums.

Its exceptional properties make it a product more and more sought after by horticulturalists, landscapers, architects ...
It is appreciated for its adaptability to vertical crops, for its longevity, or for its thermal and sound insulation qualities. Its porosity, its capacity of water retention, but also in nutritive elements, allow to divide by three the frequencies of waterings and to limit, even to avoid, the contribution of fertilizer.

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