A family, a story

Anjavidy France manufactures and exports in the world heather fences and sphagnum from madagascar.

A family story

The French adventure begins in Vendée with Marcel Guillet born in 1923. He first manufactured fences for houses by the sea in order to protect themselves from the sand and wind. He sets out to find the raw material that he finds in Poitou and where he will create his factory for weaving heather fences. He invented the first hand-woven looms. Developing with his sons his business, Marcel Guillet closest to his customers will deliver himself in the West of France. The Guillet business will develop, by seeking more bush in the moors.

Then, more than 12 years ago, Laurent Guillet moved to Madagascar by creating Anjavidy in order to continue this long family tradition of production and processing of natural plant products.

Nathalie Guillet joined the family cocoon by creating Anjavidy France with two warehouses based in France for deliveries in the world.

Known for their quality products, they are also recognized for their expertise in tailor-made advice. Thanks to their versatile skills, Anjavidy has no direct competitor and is the only one on the market to offer service without an intermediary.

Anjadivy and the environment

In Madagascar, nature is full of wonders and curiosities. The Anjavidy company only collects renewable materials.

Concerned about the environment, we systematically take into account environmental factors when we collect the berry :

  • Every 7 years minimum so as to preserve optimal regrowth of the brande.
  • The cuts are made outside periods of reproductions for the respect of some species.
  • Moreover, with our cuts, we participate in the prevention of fire hazards.


Anjavidy has signed an agreement with the National Office for the Environment.

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Anajavidy France

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E-mail : contact@anjavidy.com

Distribution manager

Nathalie Guillet

GSM : +33 (0)6 88 73 55 11
(GSM line registered in France)

E-mail : n.guillet@anjavidy.com


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