Heather fences Type D15

Anjavidy heather fences Type D15, easy to install, completely obscuring

The brande we weave (from its Latin name: Erica scoparia) is a variety of heather, a very hard and durable wood.
For over 50 years, the Guillet family has been making palisades out of heather with the highest standards of quality and finish.
Our fences are woven manually on artisanal looms.
Le Type D15 :

  • 15 kg per m2 guaranteed, dry heath, without leaves
  • Compressed from 60 to 75 mm thick
  • Galvanized wire of 2.4 mm diameter and 1.6 mm frame siding
  • The Anjavidy fences are reputed for its durability over more than 20 years, if correctly installed

Anjavidy picks up heather by taking environmental factors into account in partnership with the National Office for the Environment.
An effective natural insulator, it preserves your privacy, visual and phonic, it is also an excellent windbreaker. A support for your climbing plants, over time, your fence turns into a plant wall.
Our panels are packaged flat on a pallet for a reduced transport cost and by environmental respect, no individual packaging, the use of plastic bags is prohibited in Madagascar. A pallet contains 30 linear meters.
Our panels are 2m wide for faster installation, the posts are generally located every 2m.

Delivery in pallet or container.

Our dimensions

table heights of heather fences D15

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