Bamboo from Madagascar

Bamboo from Madagascar of 2.20m in length and a variable diameter from 0.8 to 17cm.

Bamboo from Madagascar
Due to its humid climate, bamboo grows generously, without being cultivated, without maintenance. Malagasy families use bamboo in their daily lives for construction, crafts or as a source of energy.

In Madagascar, there are currently around 40 species of bamboo. You should also know that planting bamboo on watersheds helps prevent soil erosion.

With many economic and ecological benefits derived from the exploitation of bamboo, its sustainable management contributes to the creation of jobs.

The location of Anjavidy at the Fluvial Port, allows an efficient, ecological and fast supply of bamboo. The bamboo arrives by sea by barge.
It is then shipped by container in Europe to our warehouses or directly to our customers around the world.

Technical sheet :

  • Length 2.20m
  • Diameter from 0.8 to 17cm
  • Packaging in pallet of 140 bamboos (L: 2,20m W: 1m H: 2,20m weight: 1000kg)

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