The main customers in the market

Users in the broad sense of heather are :

- architects
- wholesalers
- landscapers
- garden stores: Truffault, Jardiland, etc.
- Horse jumping and others in equestrian sector

Present context
For several years, there has been an upsurge in the interest to preserve biodiversity in France.
Living roofs are an integral part of this process because they bring many advantages such as climatic and acoustic regulation of buildings.
Many cities in provincinl France have been precursors of this movement by making a lot of infrastructure much greener.

The energetic transition in action :
On March 17, 2015, a law was voted at the senate: in order to encourage biodiversity in the city, the roofs of new buildings in commercial zones should be at least partially green or include facilities of production of renewable energies, such as photovoltaic panels.
Paris sets the example then with the launching of big several projects .
The town hall of Paris wants to propose a range of unprecedenbed tools to meet these objectives. Indeed, the city wants to incite all Parisians to become gardeners providing them a kit containing and seeds so that they sow them in the four corners of the capital. A real chance to make the city greener Only one condition for these "gardener-citizens": to sign a green charter that would engage them, among others, to use local plants to encourage biodiversity and to not to resort to pesticides.

Furthermore, in summer 2014 an appeal was made to the inhabitants of the Capital. Baptized" green close to my home ", the aim of the operation is to count the places susceptible to be made greener in their districts. Since then more than 1500 ideas have been transmitted to the city of Paris. By different criteria (distribution by type of projects, surface of the precincts and number of inhabitants, presence of parklands or possibility of collective maintenance .), 209 propositions have been kept in the setting of this dialogue. 81places for pots or containers of flowers, 53 green walls, 35 places for plantations of trees and 20 window boxes. All this will be completed during the year 2015. quarter of the projects will be made under participative and collective maintenance.

Article Construction Cayola : 209 green places in Paris

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