Who is Anjavidy ?

Anjavidy : the essential actor of natural plant products

Specialist in the exploitation and the transformation of natural plant products, Anjavidy, with more than half a century of experience, has success fully made a name for itself on the French and European market

with 100% natural products of origin such as heather and sphagnum of Madagascar. Their products are the reflection of their engagement to the environment, notably in terms of protection and eco-responsible practices.

Who is Anjavidy ?
Anjavidy is a malagasy word that means "a heather that grows on the bad earths". A beautiful metaphor to define the concept of this compagny that endeavors to continue this legacy steeped in ingenuity and dexterity.

For more than 50 years, Anjavidy has harvested and exported heather and sphagnum of Madagascar. Increasingly appreciated for its multiple virtues, the sphagnum of Madagascar is used very extensively for the creation of green walls and vegetal roofs. Anjavidy is a long standing know-how, born in the marshes of the Southwest of France, that the Guillet family has passed on from generation to generation to become a family business.

Its director, Laurent Guillet, is committed to offering a quality finished product of quality while respecting this 100% natural raw material.

Since the opening in France, 3 years ago, of a commercial office run by Nathalie Guillet, sister of the director, with a warehouse, delivery times in Europe have been shortened. The deliveries to the rest of the world are directly managed from Madagascar where the head office is located.

Known for their products of quality, they are also recognized for their expertise in made to measure solutions.

Thanks to their versatile skills, Anjavidy has no direct competitor and is the only company in the market to propose a service with no middle man.

Societal engagement :
Depending on the season, Anjavidy employs close to 100 Malagascans. It is committed to supporting the local population and so participates in the economic activity of the island.

In Madagascar, it is the men who bring back the heather by boat, and the women who weave it, most of the time.

Laurent Guillet, the director, who lives there, knows the vilagers well and regularly meets them. It is he himself who gives them the bags of harvests and the provides population with the essential objects for their daily life.

Environmental engagement
In Madagascar, nature is packed full of marvels and curiosities. Anjavidy only uses renewable materials like heath or the upper part of sphagnum peat. A living part of peatlands, sphagnum is actually the only organic layer capable of regenerating itself. Harvesting is carried out by hand, from April to October, in a completely environmentally-friendly way. This intelligent harvesting, along with a favourable climate, allows new shoots to restart their rapid growth: sphagnum peat needs only one year to grow back to the same level as before its first harvest. The lower fossil layer, including peat, which is the result of a process of transformation and long accumulation of thousands and thousands of years, is preserved.

Environmentally conscious, we take into account environmental factors systematically when we take the heather : every 5 years minimum, in order to preserve optimal regrouth of the heather.

The cuts are made outside periods of reproductions for the respect of some species.
Besides, at the time of their cuts, they participate in the prevention of the risks of fires.

Anjavidy has signed an agreement with the National Environment Office.

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