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Anjavidy heather fence of 80 mm

Anjavidy heather fences Type D15, easy to install, completely obscuring

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Anjavidy heather fence of 45 mm

Heather fence Anjavidy Type D8, easy to install, completely obscuring.

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Anjavidy heather fences Type D5

Heather fence Anjavidy Type D5, very good quality/price, completely obscuring.

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Our heater ridge tiles are used to preserve our heater fences.

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Heather fence for horses

Our heather bales for horses obstacles are entirely made by hand.

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Polypropylene bag of sphagum

Our loose sphagnum comes in 200g, 800g, 1kg, 1.5kg, 1.2kg, 2kg and 5kg bags as well.

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Bamboo from Madagascar of 2.20m in length and a variable diameter from 0.8 to 17cm.

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