Heather fences Type D5

Heather fence Anjavidy Type D5, very good quality/price, completely obscuring.

This fence guarantees you a 90% blackout thanks to a very high density of heathland per m2.
Indeed, our Anjavidy fence is woven manually on craft looms in panels of 2 m long with 100 handles so as to ensure you an optimal and lasting blackout.

  • 5kg per m2 guaranteed, dry heath, without leaves (the density is essential in terms of quality)
  • Compressed from 15 to 25 mm thick
  • 100 handles by panels of 2m
  • Galvanized wire of 1.2 mm diameter
  • The Anjavidy fences are reputed for its durability over more than 8 years, if correctly installed

The brande we weave (from its Latin name: Erica scoparia) is a variety of heather, a very hard and durable wood.

Anjavidy preserves the environment, the heather is collected taking into account environmental factors in partnership with the National Office for the Environment.

Our panels are packaged flat on a pallet (80 meters), for a reduced transport cost and with respect for the environment.

Delivery in pallet or container.

Ours dimensions

Table heights of heather fences D5

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