Anjavidy heather fences Type D15

Anjavidy heather fence of 80 mm
Feature 1 :Compressed from 60 to 75 mm thick
Feature 2 :15 kg per m2 guaranteed, dry heath, without leaves
Feature 3 :Galvanized wire
Feature 4 :More than 20 years of durability

Anjavidy heather fences Type D15, easy to install, completely obscuring

The heather that we weave (its Latin name: Erica scoparia) is a variety of heather, hard and long lasting wood.
  • 15 kg per m2 guaranteed, dry heath, without leaves
  • Compressed from 60 to 75 mm thick
  • Galvanized wire of 2.4 mm diameter and 1.6 mm frame siding
  • The Anjavidy fences are reputed for its durability over more than 20 years, if correctly installed
For more than 50 years, Anjavidy has harvested heather. Anjavidy is a long standing know-how, born in the marshes of the Southwest of France, that the Guillet family has passed on from generation to generation to become a family business.

Environmentally conscious, we take into account environmental factors systematically when we take the heather : every 5 years minimum, in order to preserve optimal regrouth of the heather.

Our panels are packed flat on pallet (30m) for a reduced transport cost and environmental respect , no individual packaging , the use of plastic bags are banned in Madagascar.
Delivery container or palet.

Ours dimensions

  • brande 80mm table heights
  • Heidekrautmatte
  • Natural fencing
  • Heather panel
  • brushwood fence
  • heather screen