Our sphagnum


Found in pollution-free swamp zones, Madagascar sphagnum peat moss is a type of acid moss with exceptional physicochemical properties. Its ability to absorb and retain water, its porosity and its anti-bacterial properties are just some of the qualities which place Madagascar sphagnum moss at the forefront of modern horticulture techniques.
Well known since ancient times, sphagnum peat moss is traditionally used to recreate conditions in tropical humid environments necessary to grow orchids, certain delicate plants like carnivorous plants or even for terrariums.

Its exceptional properties make it an increasingly sought-after product by horticulturers, landscape gardeners, architects etc...

It is particularly valued for its adaptability to vertical crops, for its longevity, as well as for its heat and sound insulation qualities. It is highly porous and retains water and nutritional elements very well, reducing watering threefold and limiting, or even avoiding, the use of fertiliser.