Natural raffia in 1Kg flake

Feature 1 :Main material : natural raffia
Feature 2 :Color : Natural
Feature 3 :Product weight : 1kg
Feature 4 :Packaging : Pallet of 5 balls of 100Kg

Textile fiber known for its strength, our natural raffia is sold by the kilo. It is used in decoration in the floristry.
A natural and vegetable material extracted from palm leaves, raffia is ideal for your creative hobby compositions.
On pallet with 5 balls of 100 Kg.

Anjavidy has set up a network of collectors to buy raffia from local producers and send it to our warehouses in Tamatave.

It can be packaged in its natural state or stained in the form of floats, balls or any other form previously defined by our customers.

The raffia is then ballasted on a pallet protected by a sewn blanket. It is then shipped by container in Europe to our warehouses or directly to our customers worldwide.

Raphia (raphias, word of Malagasy origin attested in 1652)
Historically, raffia was used during the First World War for camouflage operations.
Raffia is an entirely ecological product. Its extraction makes it possible to maintain and regenerate the forests in Raphia while providing an income for the local populations.

This high quality raffia is produced from palm leaves native to Madagascar.
It is used in viticulture, horticulture and arboriculture as a link for staking and grafting.
Possibility of making ropes, ties and upholstery.