Quality heather fence

What is the quality like?
We don't manufacture nor recommend thin panels where one sees through.

We have produced for more then 50 years, high quality panels to make your garden private and secure.

We propose two qualities, of the thickness panels 60-70 mm and 45 mm, to not confuse with imitations - of thin products with thin wire sold in rolls, that come from China or Spain made with a thinner much more fragile heather.

The heather that we weave (its Latin name: Erica scoparia) is a variety of heather, hard and long lasting wood.

The average weight of our 60-70 mm thickness fence per m² is 15 kg and 8 kg for our 45 mm fence minimum guarantee, leafless dry matter (the density is essential in terms of quality).
For our 60-70 mm of thickness fence, the galvanized wire is of 2,2 mm of diameter in plot and 1,6 mm in parement and for our 45 mm fence of thickness, the galvanized wire is of 1.6 mm, a completely obscuring fence.

The Anjavidy fences are reputed for its durability over more than 20 years, if correctly installed.

Its panels are packaged flat in palette for a reduced transportation cost.
Its panels are 2m wide for a faster installation.