Our company

Anjavidy France manufactures and exports in the world heather fences and sphagnum from madagascar.

A family story

Laurent Guillet, the precursor, is pursuing a long family tradition of production and processing of natural plant products in Madagascar. This tradition began in the marshes of south-west France where for more than 50 years, the Guillet family has been harvesting and marketing the brande.
Our warehouse is based in France for deliveries in Europe and Madagascar for the world.

Anjadivy and the environment

In Madagascar, nature is packed full of marvels and curiosities. Anjavidy only uses renewable materials like heath or the upper part of sphagnum peat. A living part of peatlands, sphagnum is actually the only organic layer capable of regenerating itself. Harvesting is carried out by hand, from April to October, in a completely environmentally-friendly way. This intelligent harvesting, along with a favourable climate, allows new shoots to restart their rapid growth: sphagnum peat needs only one year to grow back to the same level as before its first harvest. The lower fossil layer, including peat, which is the result of a process of transformation and long accumulation of thousands and thousands of years, is preserved.

Environmentally conscious, we take into account environmental factors systematically when we take the brande :
  • Every 5 years minimum in order to maintain optimal regrowth of brande.
  • The cuts are made outside periods of reproductions for the respect of some species.
  • Moreover, with our cuts, we participate in the prevention of fire hazards.

Anjavidy has signed an agreement with the National Environment Office.

Press article : http://www.madagascar-tribune.com/40-conteneurs-exportes-en-2007,5202.html